Asian elephants, also known as Indian elephants, are one of the largest land mammals. They are also known to be one of the most gentle and intelligent mammals. They can be identified by their small, rounded ears and are quite a bit smaller than their cousins, the African elephants.

In India young elephants are tied to a tree to be taught obedience. They pull and pull but cannot break free. The elephant is still not strong enough to pull the tree out, and in time, after many attempts, it becomes to believe that it will not break free.

No matter how large and strong it grows, it believes that it will never pull the tree out. At this point, an elephant can be tied to a twig and it will not attempt to break free. It will always believe that the twig is stronger than it.

Interesting ?

Read more of these Fun Facts about elephant for an elephant lovers:

  1. Although the African elephant is larger, the Asian elephant is more related to the ancient Mammoths.
  2. An elephant drinks water by filling its trunk and then putting the water in its mouth.
  3. An elephant trunk is heavy even for an elephant! Sometimes an elephant will carry its trunk on its tusks.
  4. The African elephant is the largest animal on land on earth.
  5. An adult elephant can eat over 330 pounds of food a day, They spend about 16 hours a day eating.
  6. An elephant can live for over 70 years.
  7. An elephants trunk has over 100,000 different muscles which makes it very sensitive and strong.
  8. They live in tight social units led by an older matriarch
  9. Their tusks are of ivory and are actually enormously enlarge incisors
  10. They have the largest brains in the animal kingdom

Compared to other mammals, Elephants are very social, frequently touching and caressing one another and entwining their trunks. Elephants also demonstrate concern for member of their families. They take care of the weak or injured members and appear to grieve over a dead companion. Elephants not only have long memories but they play, laugh and cry. You can touch and ride on these gentle giants by joining our regular tour, Wild Bee Safari Tour !