The use of educational field trips has long been a major part of the education programming for both youth and adults. However, due to funding limitations, time constraints, and increased liability concerns many education professionals balk at requests for field trips. In spite of these concerns, well-planned field trips can be a valuable tool in the extension agents educational toolbox.

Field trips help students interact with what they are learning. The experience goes beyond reading about a concept; students are able to see it, manipulate it or participate in it physically. Students are able to see elements with their eyes rather than reading about it and believing what they are told because it’s in print. Visiting a farm and milking a real cow is much more powerful than reading about milking a cow.

Field trips provide entertainment for students. They often serve as a powerful motivator for students, stirring up excitement as the trip nears. Breaking away from the routine provides kids with a refresher that might make them more focused back in the classroom.

Field trips require significant planning and coordination for teachers and administrators. The preparations are difficult and time consumming, that is why Bee Buzz Services is here for you. We can help planning your very own educational tours. Just inform us the requirements and details, and we would gladly spend our time and energy to cater your needs.

Our services range from providing the transportation vehicle (Bus with different seating options), finding you the right and appropriate tours for your students or children, booking the entrance admissions or tickets, plan the activities, provide an experienced tour guide, preparing snacks and meals, and other things.

Some of the regular tours that we have currently are:

  1. WILD BEE Safari Tour – Learning more about the animal kingdom in Taman Safari Indonesia.
  2. HONEY BEE Madu Pramuka Tour – Going to a honey bees farm to learn some interesting facts about the bees.
  3. HERITAGE BEE Historical Tour – Visiting more than 4 historical places in Jakarta and learn about the cultural values and histories.
  4. CREATIVE BEE Ceramic and Batik making Tour – Experiencing the beauty of ceramic making and batic making guided by professional instructors.
  5. CAMERA BEE Photography Tour – Outdoor picture taking lessons trip guided by professional photographer. Contact us to customize your educational and fun tour, so that the students will likely have an educational experience that they never could have had in the classroom.